Christmas baking and dinner at the boss’

Our decorated cookies! Lots of pink!

The creative mess

Two BIG Lussebulle-doughs

I spent all afternoon and evening at my boss place yesterday. I was invited over for an all girls baking day. I had a nice time and we made a lot of traditional Swedish Christmas things, a big batch of Lussebullar and pepparkakor (gingerbread cookies) that we all decorated. We were a big gang, about 10 adults and two kids.

When we were done baking we all had some Glögg (a type of hot spiced wine) and then had dinner in the neighbors apartment (across the hall), the husband in the family had made us all a wonderful dinner while we were busy  baking. We were running between the two apartments the whole time we were baking (it’s nice how the two families are so close they always keep their doors open and walk between the two apartments).

For dessert we had our Lussebullar of course! While eating dinner, I was running over to my boss’ apartment every 15 minutes to take the pans out of the oven and put a new pan of Lussebullar in. The Lussebullar turned out really good and I’m pretty proud of that because I was (alomost) the sole creator of them!


I was thinking how ironic the situation was, because I was at my boss place and we had dinner at the neighbors place, who happens to be my mom’s boss! Haha…


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2 responses to “Christmas baking and dinner at the boss’”

  1. Babygirl says :

    The cookies looked really good

  2. winterlust says :

    so cute! I haven’t had a baking day in a long long time!

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