My very first very own very pretty pepparkakor

I made a BIG batch!

Can you spot the letters? It represents the name of our guests for Christmas.

My favorites are the tree and the pig!

This year has been a first for me with many baking experiments. I made cinnamon buns for the first time ever this year (and they turned out so good I had people lining up to order them!), I also made Lussebullar for the first time this year (and have made at least 200 of them to date after receiving several orders for them!)

This past weekend I whipped up my very first batch of pepparkakor (gingerbread cookies) from scratch, and the dough turned out fantastic! The dough made a huge amount of them and I decorated some of them last night. I put letters on some of them, for the names of the guests we’re having tomorrow evening for dinner, they’ll work as placement cards.

Last weekend I also made Kavring (a traditional spicy and savory Christmas bread), it turned out good although not as dark as I would have expected and liked it to be. But practice makes perfect! I’m working on a batch of filled Lussebullar right now. Instead of doing the traditional “plain” Lussebullar, I’m filling them with mandelmassa (a kind of sugary almond paste) and orange. Mom “ordered” them from me after tasting the ones I made this weekend at my boss’ place. Only problem is, I don’t have the recipe, so I’m winging it and relying on memory to make them this time!

I can’t wait to plate everything pretty, I have a plan for how I’m going to decorate and set the table for Christmas. And with all the baking I’ve been doing, the dessert table is going to be something out of this world! Hope our guests enjoy it all!

(Have you gotten sick of all my baking jibber yet?)


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3 responses to “My very first very own very pretty pepparkakor”

  1. winterlust says :

    Nope, not sick of the baking talk! I say you can enjoy it all as much as you want 😀 I’m very proud!

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