Saffransbullar with orange and almond

The dough really rose, almost pouring out of the bowl!

I finally got to use my Santa Claus muffin forms!

Oh so pretty! I love how the sugar adds to the holiday feeling of these, kind of looks like a sprinkle of snow!

I told you earlier I was baking Lussebullar, or Saffransbullar. They turned out great! Instead of plain ones, these are a little bit special and filled with a sweet almond paste and orange.

I was literally running in a frenzy trying to finish these before I had to run out the door. I drew the last pan out of the oven with my jacket and shoes on, and then ran out the door. I was invited over to the hospital where I usually volunteer bake for Christmas cookies gifts. I got a really nice winter tulip and a gift certificate for the cinema from the boss of the floor where I bake! I missed baking at the hospital last weekend (because I was at my boss’ place all day) so I brought along some of these saffron buns for the patients to have on Christmas eve. We’ll see if I have time to go in and bake some time shortly after Christmas.


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