Hot chocolate with a candy cane

I love this photo, it captures the moment perfectly!

I’ve decided not to let my negative thoughts do all the talking this Christmas. I’m working on enjoying this season instead. It’s hard from time to time, but it’s worth fighting for. My sister and I went for a walk in the cold and then came home and made a wonderful cup of hot cocoa with mini marshmallows and dipped gingerbread cookies in it. Best Christmas treat ever!


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4 responses to “Hot chocolate with a candy cane”

  1. alex says :

    Hoppas ni har en fantastisk jul! Många julkramar från oss!

    /en som har en trasig telefon och inte kan skicka sms längre.

  2. winterlust says :

    Yay I like your change of thinking :D:D very very happy my darling! I’ve been over indulging in waaaaay too many hot chocolates but they’re so good! haha.

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