The magnificent candy plate!

Clockwise from top: Rocky road (chocolate filled with salted cashews, caramel and marshmallows), white chocolate with marshmallows and cranberries, peppermint patties in dark chocolate, chocolate nougat with truffle and walnuts, saffron and white chocolate fudge, gingerbread chocolate truffles, white chocolate peppermint bark, rice crispy treats, layered chocolate with walnuts.

Here’s all the candies I baked for Christmas. I wanted to make several different kinds so that I could plate it pretty and offer several different options. It looks so much more fun that way!


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3 responses to “The magnificent candy plate!”

  1. winterlust says :

    That looks amazing! If I spent Christmas with you, I wouldn’t be able to move! Those treats are making my mouth water already! haha oh dear

  2. ElizabethandCatherine says :

    That’s all I can say!
    Liz xx

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