Post-Christmas sales: the aftermath

Bag, basic dark grey long-sleeve tee and dotted knee socks from NoaNoa, B/W patterned top and dotted blouse from BikBok, basic stockings from BikBok.

I wouldn’t say I really did the post-Christmas sales, but I have picked up a couple of things lately that I need, so I might as well show you – no?

I’ve been smart about the sales and managed to dodge most of the crowds. I attempted to go my local mall on Sunday – big mistake. The place swarmed with people the second they opened so I was in and out of there in less than an hour. Still, I managed to pick up two tops for work. Score.

Then, the other day I got really lucky as I happened to be nearby the other local mall (it’s right by where I work) and figured I might as well pass through it instead of by it and found that there weren’t any crowds at all, in fact to claim there were even a lot of people would be a lie! I limited my visit to the one store I was really interested in and got lucky again. NoaNoa had 50% off everything in the entire store. Tina vs. post-Christmas sales: 2 – nil.

Have you done sale shopping this year?


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