A teeny tiny owl

A new owl has joined the family!

I met my bestie Bella yesterday for coffee. It sucks that we only get a chance to catch up a couple of times a year (she lives and studies abroad), but when we do get a chance to see each other, we always have a great time talking about what’s happened since last.

I got this adorable little owl necklace as a Christmas gift from Bella, I love it! I actually spotted it at Accessorize a coupe of weeks ago but didn’t buy it, so I jumped when I opened up the gift to see what it was! It’s as if she read my mind, but I guess that’s how it is between best friends – you know each other so well. Love you Bella!


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2 responses to “A teeny tiny owl”

  1. winterlust says :

    That necklace is adorableeeeee!! I wear my best friends necklace everyday, she got me the perfect little necklace for my birthday to replace the one my ex got me….which I struggled to replace because I’m SO picky.

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