My house

One day, I want to live in this house.

I could have horses right below and wake up every morning and enjoy my breakfast while watching the horses grazing outside. And I’d have a little house cat that lived with me, who spends her days sleeping on the back of one of my horses, or bundled up in the hay.

I’d put pretty plats on the porch and hang a hammock out during the summer so I could lie there and read. At Christmas I would spin lights along the entire railing leading up the stairs, ending with a Christmas tree on the porch to light the way for all my guests. We’d cram into my little house and everyone would have to sit on odd chairs and pillows, all of us close together.

I’d invite my friends over for a girl’s night with blankets, pillows, hot chocolate and a movie. And one day, I’d let my dream boy move in with me too and we’d eventually have a little family and maybe have to add another wing to our tree house.


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One response to “My house”

  1. winterlust says :

    That is so cute! I had an album on my other laptop of houses that I liked…I like so many! I have a massive newspaper stack at home of all the houses & interior I like. I’ve been meaning to put it into a scrapbook but never got round to it.

    That tree house sounds amazing though! I was always promised one growing up….I still want one now!

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