Another Accessorize bag

Have you just about had it with my Accessorize-bag posts? I’m still contemplating what to spend the gift certificate I got for Christmas on. Thing is, the bags don’t hit the store here in Sweden as quickly as they do in the UK. I’m seeing a lot of nice bags on the website but the old season is still in store (and on sale) here. So I have to wait, impatiently. This is the Genie of the lamp embroidered shoulder bag.


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3 responses to “Another Accessorize bag”

  1. winterlust says :

    I like that bag!!

    • Tina says :

      I usually want something very basic so I can match it with whatever I am wearing but right now I’m really temped to get something a little “wild” like this, full of color and patterns. It’ll still go with any everyday-outfit, only difference is the main piece of my outfit (the part that’ll draw attention) will be my bag.

      • winterlust says :

        it’ll mean when you’re wearing a plain outfit, you can jazz it up with this bag 🙂 I do that with headbands for work. I wear a lot of black so just add a colourful headband and wa-la!

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