Ellegalan red carpet: What a snoozefest

Snore! On Friday was Ellegalan, the big fashion event of the year in Sweden. Fashionistas spend weeks planning what they’re going to wear on the red carpet (which was gold this year), yet flipping through the photos from said carpet I have to slap myself to stay awake. What a snoozefest! Black, black and black again! Talk about playing it safe – how boring, and utterly uncreative!

Granted, black just happens to be a signature color in fashion (especially here in Sweden) but when you get the chance to really go “out there” with your outfit, at an event where everyone is striving to be the one that stands out the most, you’d think the majority of the guests would chose some other color than black.

I really had to struggle to find anyone wearing anything colorful, I chose to post the photo above of Emma Wiklund (former model and now successful fashion entrepreneur) wearing an Emilio Pucci gown with a deep dramatic back lining. I’m not going to say it’s fabulous, but I’m giving her credit for at least being confident enough to attempt something other than “the little black” or some other boring dark fabric-draped-ensamble.


Photo from stureplan.se


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One response to “Ellegalan red carpet: What a snoozefest”

  1. winterlust says :

    Haha you’re funny!

    Love the blogs Tina! You put so much time into them, I really enjoy them x

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