A reflection on menswear

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 menswear

There’s no doubt that, in recent years, menswear has evolved a lot. It’s no longer only women who have a plethora of wardrobe options (and the 6am crisis to go with it!). Marc Jacobs isn’t shy to walk down the runway waving at his audience in a kilt (or is it a skort?), but then again, he’s an artist – and gay.

Unfortunately, that’s just the thing. Guys are so afraid to be labeled gay if they go out on a lim and wear something a little bit quirky, let alone colorful. Just look at the recent Golden Globes red carpet, yes I know it’s a fancy event with a dress code, but the girls wore colorful gowns so why can’t a guy wear something other than a black suit? For example, this Dolce & Gabbana sequined blazer (above). The only one I can think of who is man enough to ever consider anything like this, is Johnny Depp (not that I needed another reason to love him).

However, I have to hand it to Swedish guys, a lot of them are good at wearing color, and looking a little different. An example is Henrik Folkesson, who just won “Best dresses normal guy” at the Elle gala. And walk around on “Söder” in Stockholm any day of the week and you’re guaranteed to see some stylish guys. I’m not suggesting every guy run out and buy a bag of sequins to sew onto their blazers, my point is just that guys should have fun with their style too, like us girls do. Trust me, it’ll brighten up your day.

Photo nymag.com


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