A caffeine birthday

We just celebrated my brother and his girlfriend with a dinner. It was my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday the 3rd of January and my brother had his birthday this past Tuesday, the 18th. There’s so many people that have birthdays in January, it’s hard to keep track of them all! I know about ten people with birthdays in January, and I’m sure there’s more (just gotta double check my Facebook account).

I got my brother clear coffee glasses for his birthday. He’s all into fancy coffee making so he got the whole nine yards for his birthday  – a new coffee machine/pot, coffee beans, a grinder, a water boiler (or a kettle) and coffee glasses. I’ve got to pay him a visit so he can show off his new skills as coffee connoisseur.


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3 responses to “A caffeine birthday”

  1. Trendy Treat says :

    Agree, way too many birthdays in January, it seems people got a little happy in the Spring. Joke aside, definitely on any caffeine addict’s wishlist.

  2. winterlust says :

    Oh wow Eric got spoilt! When are you seeing Bella again?

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