De-cluttering my life

New items at Indiska: lantern 449 SEK, pillow 229 SEK, ring 69 SEK (in store week 6), glass bowl 79 SEK and flower blouse 249 SEK (in store week 6).

I’ve been window shopping the Indiska website again. I swear I cannot pass by that store without entering, never mind that I was just in there the day before. I just love looking at all the pretty things and daydreaming about how I’m going to decorate my place.

After doing a major clean this weekend I realized I have so much stuff, it’s so sad to see things lying around and not being of any use other than a dust collector. I filled four bags of things that have gone to charity, I would never even consider throwing out old things (that are in good shape and still perfectly usable) – I always bring my things to charity shops so that someone else can enjoy them and the charity shop makes some money that goes to a good cause.

This year I am really going to try to buy things that I know for sure I need and will use, both for my economy’s sake, but also for my peace of mind. I don’t like having too much stuff, my mind is so much calmer when I’ve got less things around me and I can keep everything neat and organized. I’m good at considering my purchases and investing in things I really need, but I can obviously get even better at it. Doing a big clean like I did this past weekend is a good way to get a better picture of what you’ve got and what you’re obviously not using and don’t need more of. The trick is to remind yourself of that the next time you’re about to hand your credit card to the store clerk, once again the victim of some special offer.

It’s a good thing window shopping is free, and doesn’t clutter up my life.


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One response to “De-cluttering my life”

  1. winterlust says :

    They’re all so pretty! I can’t wait to go home & do exactly this: de-clutter my life of people & things!

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