The secrets of this week

I like that I can sometimes do some of my work from the comfort of my home, or while sipping a latte at my favorite café. I was able to do that a couple of days this week.

I got some good news from my boss today, I’ll be getting some more hours in February, and I’m hoping it’ll be even more hours by March. At work, we’re developing a new website that will be going live soon and I’ll be primarily in charge of it so hopefully that’ll give me more hours too.

On my way home from work today I had to mail some work-related letters and discovered that a mailbox isn’t something we can take for granted anymore. I remember when I was a kid…

It looks like things will be getting pretty exciting this weekend, which means I’ll be very busy (sorry to disappoint you, it’s nothing dirty). By Sunday evening, or Monday, I should be able to tell you more.

I had an awesome tomato soup for lunch today while TV4 hovered around me filming mothers with their babies for a special segment about chemicals in baby food (or something to that effect). I later eyed a can of Campbell’s tomato soup at the grocery store (but didn’t end up buying it) and saw the back of my head on the evening news.

I might possibly be the last and only person my age that still, occasionally, borrows books from the library. The other day I checked out Where are you now? by Mary Higgings Clark. I’ve been reading it this week. I like that the chapters are short, they average around two and a half pages. Short chapters keep me from getting stressed out about having to finish a chapter, like before it gets too late and I end up staying up half the night when I need to get up really early the next morning (what am I, eighty-five?).

That’s all I have to say and all that I can say at this point. I’ll give you an update soon about what this exciting stuff is that’s going on. But until then, tell me about your week.


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2 responses to “The secrets of this week”

  1. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine says :

    I definitely still rent books from the library! But, I always forget to return them and have to pay a fee…

  2. winterlust says :

    I’m very envious that you can work from a different location! That’s my dream job! Something I am able to do with property thank god.

    Great news about more hours! I can’t wait to hear more after this weekend!

    I’ve been in Budapest all week….I was supposed to leave Monday night! haha but I’ll tell you all about that in an email soon 🙂 I’ll be traveling foe 14 hrs tonight so I will finally have time to update & reply to emails!


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