My apartment!

The living room/bedroom/kitchen.

Another shot of the “bedroom”.

The “walk in closet”.

The kitchenette.

The couch/TV-area.

This is what I have been doing this weekend – moving in to my own place! It’s temporary, but it’s at least something! I’m renting it from a friend and it’s the perfect little size for me. None of the furniture is mine, which is just as well since it’s temporary . All I needed to pack and bring here was my clothes and some other essentials.

What’s great about it is that it’s really close to work and to my gym, it’s literally a ten minute walk to both work and my gym. How perfect is that!? I moved in last night so I’ve just had it for 24 hours, it’s going to take some time getting used to the new living arrangement but I’m sure I’ll adapt quickly.

I spent the day buying some essentials for the place, like new curtains and a stand for my dishes. I need to get some form of little table too so I have somewhere to sit and eat.

So, who’s coming to visit me?


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4 responses to “My apartment!”

  1. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine says :

    your place looks awesome! I love the couch (:

  2. alex says :

    vilken del av stan? Och vad är det för jobb?

  3. winterlust says :

    That is the cutest little apartment ever! If I were to ever have one, I would loveeeeee to have it that colour! a dark colour with a contrasting wall ❤

    Wish I could come visit 😦

  4. Bella says :

    I am!! 😀

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