Nap time

Time for a power-nap?

Hello darlings,

I ended up at the office today even though it’s supposed to be my day off. I made the mistake of checking my work email from home this morning and saw a message about something I had to go into the office to do, so I stopped by the office on my way home from the gym this morning. I only worked for about two hours though, so it wasn’t that bad.

I just made an awesome lunch and now I’m about to fall asleep. I’m considering a power nap but usually that backfires on me and I wake up more tired than before I fell asleep. I need to be out of here in half an hour anyway to go and meet my surfcamp friend Anna! Luckily, we’re drinking coffee.

What are you doing this Friday?


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3 responses to “Nap time”

  1. Lena (fröken_lila) says :

    well, i’m just eating a late lunch and then i’ll be off for work! maybe see a movie tonight, but that’s about it…

  2. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine says :

    you are dedicated to your work!
    Today…I slept in, and I’m doing groceries and cleaning my house for a football party on Sunday 🙂

  3. winterlust says :

    Awwww such a cute photo!

    I spent 8 hours getting from Madrid to Lindsay’s place in London & then did some laundry & we went out that night. Was home by 1! Shock horror lol x

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