New stuff for the apartment!

Pretty purple bowl and tablecloth from Indiska.

A new wooden shoe stand, excuse the dirty boots.

A new tiny “kitchen”-table.

Mom came over today and we went and bought two new things for my apartment! I got a small table so now I have somewhere for my sis and I to eat dinner when she comes over tomorrow evening, and also for Tuesday evening so that Bella and I have somewhere to eat our sushi – chances are we end up on the couch and bed anyway! Hey, gotta stay true to the “girl’s night”-style! The nice thing about the table is that I can fold it up and store it away when I’m not using it – perfect!

I also couldn’t resist stopping by Indiska today and buying the pretty purple bowl and table cloth (pictured above). I’ve had my eye on the bowl for a couple of weeks and it goes so perfectly with my new apartment I had to get it (I’m not planning on having it as a fruit bowl, I just put the fruit in it for the picture).

Other than that, I did my volunteer baking at the hospital today then ran by my “old” home to pick up some little things I’d forgot to bring with me when I moved last weekend and then I ran some errands at the mall and enjoyed my daily latte at Barista! I’ve got a really bad headache so it’s me, Erin Brocovich on TV and a cup of tea now.


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2 responses to “New stuff for the apartment!”

  1. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine says :

    I used to be obsessed with Erin Brokovich! I was convinced that I wanted to be an environmental lawyer for the longest time…
    Hope your headache goes away!

  2. winterlust says :

    The apartment is looking better & better! Love it. I find the fresh air helps me with my headaches. I’ve been getting them alot over here!

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