Valentine’s day

Let’s face it, it’s about as impossible to ignore Valentine’s Day as it is to deny Christmas. It’s everywhere and as much as I would like to have fond romantic memories of past Valentine’s Days, I don’t.

Having to live through numerous rose ceremonies in school and watching the popular girls leave with bundles of flowers was torture (especially for a hopeless romantic like me). Even in the years after school, I’ve never got flowers on Valentine’s day (oh, don’t worry, I’ve survived).

Despite never receiving any kind of a serenade on Valentine’s day, I have always somehow liked the holiday. I think I have my mom and my relatives in the US to thank for that, Valentine’s day was introduced into our household at an early age, before it was even a “thing” in Sweden. We’d craft Valentine cards to give to our friends in class (who confused as to why they were receiving these expressions of love) and on Valentine’s day my mom would come to the school and serve up chocolate cake with jelly hearts for everyone in our school! (Yes, my mom is pretty amazing).

So, I’m not going to completely ignore Valentine’s day. I think I’ll buy myself flowers and/or chocolate on Monday just for old times sake, to celebrate and remember the traditions we had as kids.

What are you doing on Valentine’s day? Love it or hate it?



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3 responses to “Valentine’s day”

  1. Anna says :

    Valentine´s day? Who cares???!!!

  2. winterlust says :

    I’ll finally have someone to spend my day with!! My best friend! We’re going on a road trip 😀

    That’s so cute what your mum used to do though! I think buying something for yourself is a brillant idea 🙂

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