It’s an eerie day…


I’m doing about the only thing there is to do on a day like today. Last night we were hit with a massive snow storm and this morning everyone woke to utter chaos.

Not a single bus was running in or outside the entire city, car accidents, cancelled flights and trains. The snow has finally stopped coming down but we’re dealing with the aftermath now. I went in to work around noon and it was eerie walking over to the office from home – no cars on the roads, no people, just windy, snow and…nothing, empty!

I only had about an hour worth of work to do today, so after a quick stroll through the empty mall, I’ve grabbed my coffee and sat down to do some writing. I hate days like these, I’m bored and lonely.

What are your Friday plans?


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One response to “It’s an eerie day…”

  1. winterlust says :

    Well my Friday is over! Except I can’t sleep cause my body is still on European times aka 8 hours behind!

    I took my best friend to my favourite coastal suburb today, to a brewery I’ve been meaning to check out called “Little Creatures” where we had cider, you ever tried it?

    I’ll update the rest in my old blog:

    so bookmark that one, I won’t be using the winterdesire after next week!

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