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Sadly, we’re still weeks (if not months) away from Spring here in Sweden, but that’s not going to stop the shops from stocking warmer-weather items. I’ve peeked through some of the things that are going to be in store at Indiska within in the next couple of weeks and got stuck on these four items. Ah, spring dresses and spring shoes!

I drink my tea out of a HUGE mug from Indiska every day and I’m tempted to buy one that is my own, since the mug I’m using now belongs to the girl that has the apartment I’m renting. This pretty one (above) with flowers and a bird is the same model and size as the XL mug that belongs to my apartment host.

Have you shopped something for your Spring wardrobe?


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3 responses to “Indiska news”

  1. Lena (fröken_lila) says :

    indiska always has nice stuff. i also have one of their xxl-mugs for work, and people always joke how i can hide behind it if an unfriendly customer comes along… and, the best thing with these xxl-mugs is that if you want to use another mug for a change you can use it as a flowerpot!

  2. winterlust says :

    I love that black slip! Would definitely wear something like that!

    Since I got back from Europe, I’ve gone shopping twice, 3 hrs EACH TIME!! (I blame my bestie) & I stocked up on new summer clothes because it’s still going to be warm for another 2 months here in Perth.

    I’m going to make a big post about it tomorrow 🙂

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