Magazine features

My gym’s own magazine, I was featured in a questionnaire.

Hair styling feature in Studentmagasinet

A couple of weeks ago I was at my gym doing my usual workout when one of the guys that work there asked if I would be willing to do a questionnaire for their magazine. He took my photo and asked me a couple of questions. Yesterday at the gym, I saw that the new issue was out, and there I was!

And do you remember a couple of months ago when I had my hair styled for a feature in the magazine that my friend Malin works for? It’s the magazine I used to work for, and also where I met Malin! It was so painful to do the hair styling (the hair dresser was very rough) but the feature turned out cool.

The reporter that interviewed me the other day emailed me yesterday and said she was looking through the stuff they’d filmed and that it looked great. She even said “You’re a natural”, wow! What a compliment! Still no word on when exactly it’ll air, but she’s going to be in touch. I’ll keep you posted!


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2 responses to “Magazine features”

  1. winterlust says :

    Little miss famous Tina 🙂 you look stunning in that gym interview! Can’t wait to see your baking interview. I’m so proud of you x

  2. alex says :

    såg det där när jag var på universitetet sist men glömde säga hur fint jag tyckte det var. Så himla tjusig du är!

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