Moving in brunch party @ my sis


I’m on my way to my sister’s new apartment. She’s having a moving in brunch party this afternoon.

We’ve both talked about that we love having fresh flowers at home, so I bought her some pretty spring tulips (not that she got me anything when she visited me in my new apartment…hhmmph).

Other than that, I’m having a productive Sunday. I got up early and did laundry and worked on some crafts, then got the flowers and another little gift for my sister and now I’m having a latte at Espresso House before heading to my sister’s place. This afternoon and evening I’m doing grocery shopping, some work planning for the week and cleaning. Maybe I’ll even have time to squeeze in another episode of Glee or An Idiot Abroad before I hit the hay.

Productive Sundays are a good way to distract from the anxiety that otherwise has a tendency to come crawling on Sundays. 

What are your typical Sunday tasks and routines?     


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One response to “Moving in brunch party @ my sis”

  1. winterlust says :

    I STILL haven’t started any routines but thinking of my weekends coming up, I’m thinking swimming in the mornings, uni work/study & then maybe a run in the evening when it cools down 🙂

    I’m looking forward to my Sundays!

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