I’ve been writing journals for several years, by hand with a pen and paper (old school style), but I have also been writing “online” for many years. I’ve got a handful of “online” journals, some are locked and some are open, like this one. This blog has always been some sort of an “in-between”, a place where I mostly write about fashion, celebrities and creativity and not so much about myself.

It would be nice to be more personal in this blog, since I know this is the only journal my friends have access to, but as big as the internet is and the notion that anyone could be reading what I am writing is a sure way to stop me from saying anything at all. I often hesitate before making a new post, I wonder who all of these thousands of unique visitors to my blog are (leave a comment and let me know please!) and who of all of them I know and don’t know, and if they have hidden agendas in reading my blog.

I got an idea when I was reading one of my very old online (locked) journals. Maybe the way for me to make this blog more personal is to write some password-protected entries? Sometimes for my eyes only, sometimes for my friends eyes only and rarely for almost anyone to read. That way, I can share all the stuff that is going on in my life with my friends that live far away, without having to email or call each and every one of them every time something new happens in my life (even though I’m pretty good at doing that too).

What are your thoughts on that idea?


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5 responses to “Protected”

  1. Sara says :

    Jag läser gärna lite mer personliga tankar här på bloggen, lösenordskyddade eller inte… Kramis

  2. winterlust says :

    The protected entries are a good idea! I’ve never tried it with WP but can you select certain friends who can see them?

    I think that’s a brillant idea! I mean, I’m starting to do that with my LJ now because time is becoming so rare so I just direct my friends there until I can call/email them lol

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