Old fashioned café

A blurry cell phone photo of Esters Te & Kaffehandel

After working for a couple of hours this morning, I met mom for lunch and we went to Muggen to have something to eat and then walked around and stopped into some organic stores. Mom bought me my favorite organic cinnamon (yes, there is a difference between the different brands of cinnamon).

After a while we stopped into a really cute café called Esters Te & Kaffehandel, it’s old fashioned and they’ve pretty much kept the place in its original state. I loved looking at all the details and old packages they had on the shelves. They even had an old fashioned cash register that you had to wind on a handle to open! I want to go back there again soon! They have afternoon tea on the weekends so I definitely want to try that some time.

I’ve been trying to go to new places when I go for coffee with friends, it’s so easy to get stuck on going to the same old places (not necessarily because they’re good places but because they’re close or convenient). It’s so much more fun trying new places, especially when you can discover cosy and cute places like Esters!


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2 responses to “Old fashioned café”

  1. winterlust says :

    I love trying new places in the hopes that I may find a really cute, cheap cafe but I’m very stuck in my routines! If I want to be happy, I go to the same places, I hate being let down when it comes to food!

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