It’s cousin “it” and a butt naked story

Some would call this a bad hair day. I call it “my-hair-when-it-hasn’t-been-blow-dried”.

I was in a hurry to get out of the gym this morning because they had (male) electricians fixing the sauna in the ladies changing room.

I was alone in the changing room up until I had showered and rounded the corner to my locker and there’s a knock on the locker room door. I grabbed my towel and made sure I had it tightly wrapped around my stark naked ass as I heard the electrician call “Hello, hello?” through the door and I quickly call out “Um yeah, I’m standing butt naked so it’d be great if you could come back in a bit!” I could almost hear the level of red on his cheeks.

He was sitting outside the locker room waiting when I came out so I smiled and said “All clear” as I left. Haha!

(I just realized the title of this post could so be misinterpreted…)


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One response to “It’s cousin “it” and a butt naked story”

  1. winterlust says :

    Your hair looks amazing like that, you should wear it like that more often 🙂

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