Aniston dressed as a baby with morphed lips

Let’s play “Who’s the celebrity?” for a minute. Looks like it could be some pop singer, kind of young, dressed a bit like Hugh Hefner and camera shy considering she had to bring her teddy bear to the set. No no, it’s just Jennifer Aniston. Yes, forty-something-year-old Jennifer Aniston in the latest issue of Allure magazine. With totally messed up lips. And a ridiculous outfit. And a teddy bear.

Please tell me Jennifer fired her publicist after this? A Hefner pajama and a teddybear, really?


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6 responses to “Aniston dressed as a baby with morphed lips”

  1. Sara says :

    Oh my god. Is that Jennifer Aniston? What have have she done to herself?

  2. winterlust says :

    Whoever directed that shoot, should be shot! Way to make her look younger lol.


  3. Desmond Bishop says :

    Is she wearing a DIAPER?

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