Boho terminology


There are so many different terms for this old (coming back in full force) “boho”-trend. I’ve heard hippie, indian, boho, bohemian, free spirited, and now urban nomad/modern hippie in the latest issue of H&M magazine (Spring 2011).

What would you call it


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4 responses to “Boho terminology”

  1. Haleigh says :

    Definitely bohemian 🙂 I dressed like this in high school, maybe I need to go back through some of my old clothes.

    • Tina says :

      I also dressed like this in high school! I think that’s when it last was such a big trend because that’s around the time when Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan etc. were dressing very bohemian as a result of Rachel Zoe taking them under her wing (and 24/7 surveillance!)

  2. winterlust says :

    There’s a bit of a difference between hippie and boho for me. I think boho is more modern whereas hippie is very flowy and there are no boundaries. I would say Nicole Richie is very boho whereas this is more hippie, in my opinion!

    • Tina says :

      I’d agree with that. Hippie also rings a little more “70’s” old school boho than bohemian or boho does. Boho or bohemian is more like the modern term for hippie.

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