Fashtastic.net is new too!

The old layout…

…and the NEW layout!

It’s not just the blog that’s had a bit of a facelift lately – I’ve been working on Fashtastic.net too!

A while go Sonia (who’s a grad school student) asked me in the comments to one of my blog posts if I’ve got any tips for shopping on a budget. That got me inspired to finally pick up and do some work on Fashtastic.net It’s been on my “To do”-list forever, I have been neglecting my website for t0o long, life and work got in the way, but now I’m really going to try to focus more of my time on keeping it alive because I really do love that little website of mine. Almost ten years of work (yes, I’ve been making my own websites for that long!) isn’t worth “throwing” away. So I gave it a new look and added some new articles, among them an article about how to live on a fashion budget. (There you go, Sonia!)

Let me know what you think! And if there’s something you’d like to read about or that you would like me to feature on Fashtastic.net.


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3 responses to “Fashtastic.net is new too!”

  1. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine says :

    Thank you so much for posting this- you are too sweet! The tips in your article are great- I’m definitely going to clean out my closet tomorrow and find some “new” stuff to upgrade or wear. I’m pretty sure I only wear about 50% of what I have which needs to change. And you are so right about taking care of your things. Most of the time I’m lazy and my clothes end up on the floor- I know I could take better care of what I have.
    I will link to your article in my next blog post to- I’m sure it would help a lot of people!

    I love the new layout 🙂

  2. Haleigh says :

    I adore the new layout! I’m off to read your budget friendly fashion article now 🙂 I hope you have a good weekend, Tina! xoxo

  3. winterlust says :

    Love the layout and the article! Definitely think you should write more of them 🙂 Maybe one on Sweden? Things to see & do? 🙂

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