These Sundays…

Some people do brunch and hang out with friends on Sundays; some spend all day in bed hungover from lastnightsparty, others work or study. I’ve done all of the above on the Sundays of my life. Lately my “Sunday routine” has consisted of laundry, cleaning, emailing, writing, blogging, coffee and journaling, going through my calendar and planning the week, doing research for my future studies and lots of contemplating.

Basically, Sunday’s are dedicated to “me-time” and prepping for the following week, and I’m quite content with having those kind of Sundays. A favorite “Sunday-thing” of mine is that I go to a café nearby to have a cup of coffee and write, it’s especially useful right now when I’ve got so much on my mind and so much to figure out, writing things down puts everything in perspective – it’s all a mishmash in my head otherwise.

Oh, and I always make sure to listen to good music too:

Bon Iver – Blood Bank
Iron and Wine – Flightless bird, American Mouth
Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un M’a Dit
Russian Red – Cigarettes
Agnes Obel – Falling, Catching
Those Dancing Days – Fuckarias

What are some of your Sunday routines?

(photo from thisflickrpage)


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4 responses to “These Sundays…”

  1. winterlust says :

    I like that picture! So cute. I don’t like my Sundays anymore 😦 I wake up at 8, study all day until around 4-5pm, go for a run/walk, do more study until midnight & then work & study rest of the week.

    But in 4 weeks, I’ll only have to do 2 hrs of study cause all my assignments will be out of the way 😀 cannot wait.

  2. Sara says :

    Åh, låter som en härlig söndag. Jag älskar också att sätta mig på ett café, beställa en kaffe, skriva och titta på människor. Livskvalitet. Kram

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