Outfit – 24th march 2011

Here’s what I wore to work today. I’m wearing a new pair of earrings that I knew I had to have the second I saw them at H&M. Love the feathers paired with the turquoise beads. For the today’s makeup I did a light smokey bronze/brown eye (hard to tell in this photo) and smacked a pale M.A.C lipstick on my lips.

I had to run home and change clothes right after work (before I headed to town to meet my sister for coffee) because it’s so outrageously windy out today, I was freezing!

Outfit: skirt from H&M, bag from NoaNoa, tank top Old Navy, sweater Indiska, earrings H&M (and if you look closely in the photo you can see the shoes I wore standing by the door, they’re from DinSko). And peach/orange nails (Viva la diva).


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5 responses to “Outfit – 24th march 2011”

  1. Haleigh says :

    Love the new earrings. They match my tattoo 🙂 I’m obsessed with Native American inspired jewelry, and any type of feathers.

    • Tina says :

      Ohh, I want to see your tattoo! Post a pic?
      I loove Native American inspired jewelry as well, but you’d probably already figured that out by now! 🙂

  2. winterlust says :

    Hello little miss skinny mini! I love the whole outfit, esp the sweater!

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