Love my mom! <3

Organic agave syrup, walnuts, various fruit and nut bars and peanut butter.

Dried mango (haven’t had this in ages!) and hazelnuts

I dumped the walnuts in my pretty “nut”-jar straight away.

I’ve had a really nice day, I had the day off from work and had plans to meet mom for lunch. We went to Urban Deli in SoFo and had a nice lunch and then browsed the grocery store that’s adjacent to the Urban Deli restaurant/bar. I love that store, it’s so pretty and the way I wish all grocery stores would look – neatly stacked shelves, organic products, nice packages, old-fashion feel throughout the store  and fresh beautiful produce in colorful piles.

Later mom and I ended up doing what we always tend to do when we meet for lunch – walked around and browsed more organic shops! Mom bought me so much stuff, I stocked up on some of my favorite staples and came home with a bag full of treasures! We also stopped at Urban Deli Bageriet (the bakery/cafe down the street form Urban Deli) and had coffee and talked (they’ve got an awesome breakfast-plate there that I have to try some time!) I love my mom, she’s a sweetheart and spending time with her now that I’ve moved and don’t see her as often is really nice and I enjoy the days we spend together.

Time flies when you’re having fun and before I knew it it was 5pm! I just got home and now I’ve got to do some important emailing and planning for my baking at the hospital tomorrow. This weekend is busy as usual – especially since I’ve been working all week I have so much to catch up on!

What is your idea of a nice/perfect day?
What are your plans for this weekend?


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One response to “Love my mom! <3”

  1. winterlust says :

    I’m glad you’re able to appreciate your relationship with your mum now that you’re living apart 🙂 Bet you don’t wanna move back home anytime soon huh?

    My idea of a perfect day is going for a walk in the morning, eating breakfast at the table as opposed to on my bed or at work! Doing some blogging, seeing a friend for lunch, going to the gym in the afternoon and then coming home to watch a DVD. I haven’t watched a DVD or a TV show in so long 😦 I miss my Gossip Girl! haha.

    Think you know my weekly plans, I won’t bore you with them 😛

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