Today’s baking 26.03.2011

Tosca squares (fudgy chocolate base with caramel/coconut topping)

Swedish “Rulltårta”, on the left; filled with Nutella, on the right; filled with mixed berry jam.

Chocolate chip cookies (yes I know they look weird, it’s because I used a block of chocolate and not actual chocolate chips)

The loot!

I am absolutely spent! My back is killing me, I almost passed out when I was done baking today (good thing I was at the hospital).

I spent an extra long time at the hospital baking today (over 3 hours) because apparently my bakegoods are flying off the counter and they want (and need) more!

Today I made two cake rolls (rulltårta), one with nutella filling and one with mixed berry jam. I also made chocolate chip cookies, chocolate and tosca squares and (not pictured) chocolate bars with cookie crumble-nut-coconut-sesame-filling (they were in the fridge to set).

As flattering as it is that everyone is loving the stuff I bake, it also stresses me out that the stuff is running out before my next bake. The first thing one of the nurses said when I got there today was: “You have to bake more!” I already bake at least four different bakegoods each time. I was so stressed out today that I got a stomach ache. I need to figure out what I am going to do to get more out of my baking. I hope what I made today will last until next week…

P.S Anyone want to donate an iPhone 4 to me? My HTC Hero takes the crappiest pictures! (Doesn’t do my beautiful baking justice!)


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One response to “Today’s baking 26.03.2011”

  1. winterlust says :

    Your baking is just too good! Haha if you put all that infront of me, I can guarantee I would finish it all in a day! (and complain about cramps for a week after from too much food haha).

    I saw nutella and my mouth dropped. I’m so hungry right now but yet again, it’s midnight! argh, body is still on Europe time!

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