I got fan-mail!

Mom called me today and said they’d received a letter to her floor at the hospital (where I volunteer-bake each week) that was adressed to me with the title “Vardagshjälte” (“everyday hero”). “Vardagshjälte” refers to the show I was on where they named me “everyday hero of the week”. I am so excited to see what it is, and who it’s from! Mom has the letter right now but I told her to call me when she gets home from work so that she can open it and tell me what it is, I’ll have to get it from her next time I see her.

Woop, woop, I got my first fan-mail! (At least I’m hoping it’s a positive letter and not a hate-mail, but who knows what it might be?!)


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2 responses to “I got fan-mail!”

  1. winterlust says :

    I thought you actually got a little kitten!! That would of been AMAZING! haha. What’d you get??

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