This summer I want to…

I’m starting my list of things I want to do and things I hope for this summer. I want my summer to be memorable, full of smiles and laughs, experiences and moments. I want a summer that I can look back on with fond memories, I haven’t had a summer like that in a long time.


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6 responses to “This summer I want to…”

  1. jamieonline says :

    I love lists of things to do. I made one. I have a list for 2011. Maybe you’ll get some more ideas?

  2. Lily Kwok says :

    Cute list! I love lists too… Best of luck with checking off all of those this summer!

  3. Haleigh says :

    Sadly, I haven’t had a summer like this in a long time either. I’m hoping for almost the exact same things as you. We are so much alike, it’s crazy!

  4. winterlust says :

    Cute collage! What program did you use to make it?

    Totally encourage all those esp visiting another country 😀 DO IT!!!

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