Lunch meeting

Grand hotel in Saltsjöbaden

I’m having a busy week again, but other than work I’ve got a lot of fun things booked too!

Today I had a lunch meeting with my boss in Saltsjöbaden and then spent the day working and freezing my butt off! It’s been so cold today!

I’m on my way to meet Malin for dinner and then we’re going to go and see “6 mimare, 6 vita hästar” (the horse-theatre/mime show I mentioned earlier).

Yesterday I met an old friend that I haven’t seen in three years! We met in SoFo (one of my favorite parts of Södermalm) and were able to sit outside (in the sun) and have lunch!  And it was warm! It was so nice to catch up and enjoy the sun!

Will try to take pictures of my adventures tonight and the rest of the week.


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One response to “Lunch meeting”

  1. winterlust says :

    Aww Stockholm, how I miss it! You have bright blue skies too!! Bet you’re excited!

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