Stockholm Ice 2 April, 2011

My brother, his girlfriend, my mom and I all went for Sushi for lunch and then coffee at Espresso House

Mom got a “Nutty bar” with her coffee

Then it was off to the figure skating show! Here’s Swedish Viktoria Helgesson (in a boho outfit!)

My favorite Stéfan Lambiel got the most flowers all evening! LOVE!

One of our Swedish hopefuls, Adrian Shulteiss

Another Swedish group – Team Surprise from Gothenburg

Ekaterina Chesna and Alexander Chesna

This was one of my favorite showpieces, so amazing!

They were floating in the air by holding on to the ribbon, looked magical!

World famous Evgeny Plushenko! (…in a pink shirt)

My faaaaavorite again – Stéfan Lambiel

Grande Finale!

All the figure skaters bowing

We ended up getting sushi for lunch yesterday, after walking around and stopping into about five different places (I was getting extremely impatient!), but that was nothing compared to when we tried to go and get coffee after lunch – we must have gone by at least ten cafés, all of them were full! We finally ended up snagging a seat at Espresso House in Skrapan.

Stockholm Ice yesterday was nice, but last year was better. The audience didn’t really get going this year, people weren’t cheering and clapping very much, and that always makes me feel bad for the skaters. My absolute favorite, Stéfan Lambiel from Switzerland, was here again this year and I had to keep reminding myself to keep my composure when he was on the ice. Seriously though – how cute is he not!? Waawa-we-waa! Now if only I could get closer to him somehow… (so that he can propose to me).

By the way – you can read Stéfan Lambiel’s blog here!



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  1. klubbar hårt på natten says :

    Going to New York in a months time and hopefully I’ll have the chance to take photos as good as yours. y

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