Trip down memory lane

As mentioned, I finally uploaded all the photos from my cell phone to my laptop and took a trip down memory lane. Here’s some of the things my cell phone saw me do last year.

Last year’s “Majbrasa” (May bonfire)

I spent many days reading and writing with an iced latte during the summer

Practicing my balancing/surf skills in the playground with my sister last summer

I spent many days and nights with Malin last summer (this is at Ljunggren)

My sister worked at the café at Ljunggren and I often visited her

I saw a lot of nice sunsets that colored the sky pretty

I spent three weeks living in an apartment in Saltsjöbaden and cat-sitting this little one

I got my hair cut…

… I opted for bangs

I made many, many of my “homemade” lattes

I got dolled up and went out to party in the summer nights (I think this might be my birthday, where I ended the night dancing on the bar)

I celebrated my friend’s son’s 1st birthday

I saw the leaves shift in the fall

I started at a new job and did a lot of crafts (a cloth cover for my work notebook, among other things)

At work I used both a PC and my boss’ MacBook air

Then there was winter, and there were no words to explain the amount of snow that came

I came into work many days to see frosty snowflakes biting onto the windows

Sometimes there was no view out the window at all, just snow, it seemed to never ever end

I got beautiful Spring tulips from SVT Go’kväll

And then I got my first ever fan mail (that’s what I’ll call it)

This past Sunday I went for a walk in the sun and thought, like life can be pretty amazing sometimes

On Wednesday I spotted these cute little chickens at the café by work (and then my boss surprised me with one as an Easter gift).


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3 responses to “Trip down memory lane”

  1. winterlust says :

    These images are amazing! There’s so many I like. The one of you and Malin, loveeee your sunglasses. You look absolutely stunning in the photo holding the birthday card andddddd the photo of last Sunday, it’s got such a vintage feel to it. It’s so true that you don’t need an expensive camera to be a good photographer, those photos above are amazing!

    • Tina says :

      Thank you so much! I’ve actually tweaked these photos a little bit in Photoshop as well. My cell phone camera takes pretty crap photos, but I edited these and added a color overlay and stuff to make them look a little more interesting! 🙂

      • winterlust says :

        I’m such a fan of beige/old photo edits. ESP the ones from your cafe date the other date, that’s my type of photography! I love using Instagram on my phone hehe. So many cute filters! I might try get photoshop from a friend, think it’s bout time I got my hands on it!

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