Do you believe in fate?

I saw The Adjustment Bureau at the movies last week. The film is about a group of people who are part of an Adjustment Bureau, their mission is to adjust events in people’s lives in order to make sure things go according to plan.

I feel like there is such a thing as fate, that everything happens for a reason and that some things don’t happen because they simply weren’t meant to be. When I look back on my life and the things I have been through I can see how certain events have been a result of each other and how some things have changed me or made me stronger. Maybe the hard times are necessary for us to grow and move on with our lives (it’s motivation to make things better for ourselves)?

I’ve been in a lot of situations where minutes or seconds have mattered and I’ve realized that had something happened seconds earlier or later, the outcome would have been drastically different. That’s another reason for me to believe there’s such a thing as fate.

Do you believe in fate/karma/destiny?


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2 responses to “Do you believe in fate?”

  1. winterlust says :

    I am SUCH a big believer in fate and destiny because from past experiences, I’ve learnt that things happen when they’re supposed to. For example, last year I decided I was going to go to Europe at the end of the year. I wasn’t sure how I would save enough and I said to myself after Easter, I would look for a second job. When I got back to work, my boss offered me extra hours doing some night work and the timing was a little too crazy to be a coincidence.

    I still get down if things don’t work out my way sometimes but a few months down the track, something ALWAYS changes for the better.

  2. teddi says :

    not really, blah. even when i can find the good in a bad situation, there are a lot of things in the world that simply don’t make sense to me.

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