12h of overtime (and counting)

The reason for my lack of updates this week is (surprise, surprise) that I have been working like some crazy person. It’s all good though, I’m surviving! I’m looking forward to having a nice and relaxing evening and a weekend without a call from my boss (fingers crossed).

Now I’ve gotta run and throw my white Converse in the washing machine with a scoop of bleach in an attempt to get them looking fresh. I’m a little nervous they’re going to dissolve if I wash them. I’ve got my experiment goggles on, here we go! Worst case scenario? I have an excuse to buy a new pair of Converse when I go to the US!

Have you ever washed a pair of sneakers (or specifically Converse) in the washing machine? Was the outcome a success?


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One response to “12h of overtime (and counting)”

  1. winterlust says :

    Yeah I always wash my shoes in the washing machine. You’ll be fine with white, if they’re leather or material, just put it on a gentle cycle. But I find it works better with just bleach and a bucket. I don’t put bleach in the washing machine.

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