Washing my white chucks last night inspired me to buy new laces for them. They survived a swim in the washing machine but they are still full of dark stains so I might buy some bleach and throw them in a bucket to get those last stubborn stains out. By the way, I didn’t pour bleach in the washing machine yesterday (although I realize that’s what I said), I used whitening/bleaching detergent.

Anyway, I picked some fresh white laces up today that I’ going to put on my chucks once they’re fully dried and clean, and I also got some pink ones just for fun to give my gym sneakers a new look. What do you think?


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One response to “Laced”

  1. kelli says :

    Can you get a product called “Oxiclean”?? I swear by it for cleaning things, especially if you want to get them white!

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