Added to the USA-shopping-wishlist

I grabbed an iced coffee today, and got to thinking it would be awesome if I had a take away mug for iced drinks so that I could make my own iced coffee or tea to bring with me to the office. After a little bit of googling I found a couple of options.

The three above are all available on Amazon and if I don’t find one while I’m in the US I might just order it instead. Actually, I’m really tempted to just go ahead and order one right away, I can’t wait until July! I can’t decide if I like the Starbucks one the purple Copco or the Smart Planet one (which is ECO friendly) the best…

I also added MAC Cosmetics makeup brushes to my wishlist/shopping list and I want to check out Starbucks VIA (instant coffee) too. My mom bought me some regular french roast VIA when she went to the US last year, but I just found they’ve got them in different flavors (like cinnamon spice and mocha!) – fun! Thank God window shopping is free.


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One response to “Added to the USA-shopping-wishlist”

  1. alex says :


    Vi hittade den rosa glitterbollen i helgen! Yeey!!!

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