I had to get out of there


I was on the verge of tears the entire time I was at work today. I knew I needed to get out of there before I made a fool of myself. I quickly finished all my work and just about ran out of there. 

I’ve now planted myself at the nearest cafe. I need to try to breathe, I’m still choking back the tears. Going to do some writing.

Thank god it’s sunglass-weather, so I can shield my eyes in case of emergency.


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4 responses to “I had to get out of there”

  1. Haleigh says :

    I hope everything is okay, Tina. Keep your head up 🙂

  2. teddi says :

    who hasn’t been there? remember it’s ok to be human. it’s ok to walk away from something that hurts you, or causes you pain. it’s ok to take a deep breath, or cry, or write it out. it’s ok to make a fool of yourself. i do it all the time.

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