That’s how much I love apple/s


I decorated my journal with a gorgeous Apple-logo the other day. That’s how much I love Macs/apple (and the fruit too).

I’ve planted myself at my usual coffee place that I almost always go to after baking on Saturdays.

I’m in the middle of my regular contemplating. Yesterday I had a good meeting with my new employer! In other words I’ve got a second job that is pretty much freelance-based so I’ll be working on it on my days off/evenings. (I’m keeping it a secret for now)

Got to get on with the rest of my plans now. I’ll write more about what’s going on later.

What are you doing today?


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One response to “That’s how much I love apple/s”

  1. winterlust says :

    Well it’s nearly 8pm here but today, I had a very busy day. All the PCs in our company crashed, 170 people couldn’t log in….I couldn’t get into most programs until 2pm so I was working like crazy til 4.30 when I realised I had to be at uni at 5pm!

    Met with my uni group to go over a presentation we’re presenting on Thursday & now I’m just relaxing, going to get some writing done to unwind x

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