Yesterday’s baking at the hospital

As usual, here’s what I made at the hospital yesterday (and again, please excuse the extremely crap cellphone photos).

I finally tested making a “rainbow”-cake, I don’t know what the slices ended up looking like because nobody had cut into it before I left. I think I was a little too shy with the coloring though because when I sliced the cake into three layers I saw it was a light pastel-y color instead of strong colors like I had intended. I’ll definitely make it more times to perfect it. The cake was layered with jam and cream and topped off with some colorful sprinkles.

I also made super gooey chocolate cupcakes that came out crumbly on top and dough-y inside. And a banana pie that’s been a favorite among many patients.

What is your favorite recipe?


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5 responses to “Yesterday’s baking at the hospital”

  1. teddi says :

    those look deliciously divine Tina! i was thinking you should include ur fave recipes. then i thought who am i kidding? i don’t cook, let alone really bake. unless it’s for birthdays. then i’ll bust out a homemade choc cake, carrot cake, choc cheesecake, or some sugar cookies depending on who it’s for.

    • Tina says :

      Haha, love your comments Teddi! You say you don’t bake and then you namedrop this plethora of divine bakegoods. Carrot cake, chocolate cake, chocolate cheesecake… what do you mean you DON’T BAKE?!

  2. winterlust says :

    The way you described the rainbow cake made my mouth water! I would love to try make it, does it take much longer than an ordinary sponge cake?

    My favourite recipe is a kid’s recipe of chocolate crunch- this brownie mixture with crunched cereal with dark chocolate melted on top that hardens. I’ll bake it sometime & show you!

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