An update

It’s a short week at work! (Sort of). Thursday is a holiday (no work!) and I only work until 3pm tomorrow! Friday is what we in Sweden call a “klämdag” (sweezed day – a day that’s between a holiday and the weekend) so most people are off then too but I’m probably working then. No fair! On the upside, Monday is also a holiday, so I’ve got a long weekend! #win

This past weekend I did my baking and almost burned down the hospital. Ooops. Chill, the apple pie turned out fine and I didn’t set the fire alarm off. On Sunday my sister came over and we had lunch together and I did laundry and cleaned every inch of my apartment, I think I turned the whole place inside-out.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m meeting mom after work and we’re going for coffee or dinner. And tomorrow is also June 1st, which basically means that the summer is here. How NUTS is that!?

Oh, and today is S birthday, so I’m thinking extra much about him today (like, more than any other day of the year). I miss you S.

/end random post.


One response to “An update”

  1. winterlust says :

    I think these little updates are important to do! Noting the little things in life 🙂

    Did you get to speak to S today?

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