I took a break from working and went to have some lunch at Garden. It’s so nice and calm here. Now I’m just finishing up my latte and then it’s back to work.

It’s a wonderful summer’s day here today, I’ve got shorts on for only the second time this year!

Yesterday I met Sigrid for coffee and while hanging out with her I bumped into three people I know. Anna, then Daniel and then David. I was surprised to bump into so many people I know, I feel like I never bump info people. Haha.

Was going to Skype with S last night but he had to run to football so we’ll hopefully get to talk tonight instead. I’m going to try to talk him into coming for a visit soon. Fingers crossed he can home, I miss him.

The weekend is pretty much fully booked as always: baking, cleaning, laundry, freelance work, probably meeting Sigrid again, and maybe doing a picnic with Malin on Monday.

What are your weekend plans?


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3 responses to “Garden”

  1. winterlust says :

    that place looks amazing!! The furniture and all but I have a feeling it’s mainly the colour of your notebook, it reminds me of my summers spent at the beach house!

    Weekend plans: house lockdown! 4 exams next week in 3 days….to say I’m nervous/unprepared is an understatement!

    You baking some crunch? 😀

    • Tina says :

      The place is very cosy, it’s a lot like the name suggests – a garden. Super cosy and nice furniture. I wish you were here so we could go there together for lunch some day!

      Yes m’am I am! Making some crunch this weekend that is. Thanks SO much for sending me the recipe. I’ll probably use digestive crackers or cornflakes in place of the weetbix though. We have weetbix in grocery stores here in Sweden but it’s one of those “odd” ingredients that the kitchen at the hospital can’t order. That’s why I’m always looking for recipes with very basic ingredients, that’s all they can order at the hospital.

      Good luck with all your studying this weekend! Make sure you’ve got good things to snack on to keep your brain fueled!

      • winterlust says :

        One day! I wish it could be sooner rather than later 😦 There’s actually a cafe much like the Garden here called ‘The Greenhouse’ and as the name suggests, it’s very eco-friendly. I’ll go there sometime & get some photos for you 🙂

        Does ice cream count? Haha as soon as I ate that tonight I lost motivation! Can’t be good..

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