Dealing with a jerk

I made Anna’s Chocolate Crunch, banana cupcakes (I frosted some of them) and lingonberry/bluberry oatmeal squares at the hospital today.

So, about the dickwad I had to deal with while baking at the hospital today. This guy is a “temp” and I’ve only seen him there once before. He starts out by telling me how ugly and bad my chocolate muffins from last week are (there were some leftover this week), gesticulating and describing how the tops of the muffins had sunk in. First of all, after lying in a plastic bag for a week, I wouldn’t expect them to look like something off the dessert table of a Michelin star restaurant (I unfortunately did not say this). And second, I explained, the tops of the muffins sunk in because they’re gooey inside, which they’re supposed to be (this I did say). “You’re never going to get married with the horrible baking and cooking skills you’ve got.” he went on. Then he left the kitchen and came back to get coffee for a patient, “I guess I have to give them one of these ugly muffins then, since there’s nothing else. The patient is probably going to yell at me.”

I have a tendency to let people walk all over me and when someone’s being mean to me or trying to knock me down, I don’t know what to say and often end up just keeping my mouth shut and smiling uncomfortably, or worse, apologizing. This time, I kept telling myself I was not going to take this guy’s bullshit. So I answered back at him best I could. When he said the patient was probably going to yell at him for giving them an ugly muffin I said, “Well, you’ll probably blame me anyway so you don’t need to worry”,  but he wouldn’t get the hint and kept making nasty comments. He obviously thought he was being funny, and maybe he thought he was “charming” me, what a douche!

He came back from the patients room and said “I told the patient we’ve got a little girl here trying to learn how to bake.” Do I even have to tell you how many times I came close to punching this guy in the face? I should have.

When I started making the banana muffins he was hovering over me saying that it looked pretty good, that maybe I’m improving. Needless to say, after about the eighty-ninth comment from this guy, I just muted him out and completely ignored him. Would you believe the jerk comes waltzing into the kitchen when I’d finished making the banana muffins and says he’s taking one (the general rule is that the staff are not allowed to eat the bakegoods that I make, they’re to go to the patients first and foremost), then he proceeds to stand there and “judge” my muffin by giving it points for appearance, smell and taste. The wad must have thought he was giving me a “compliment” by giving my muffins ten out of ten with the motivation that I’d really outdone myself today.

I really should have punched him.


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8 responses to “Dealing with a jerk”

  1. Lena (fröken_lila) says :

    next time, maybe you should bake a cake with lots of whipped cream and stuff it into his face. gee what a horrible person this guy must be. takes the fun out of volunteering, encounters like this. don’t let this drag you down!

  2. winterlust says :

    Everything loooks amazing as always! Did you get to try the crunch? 😀

    Woah, jerk is definitely the best work to describe him! Good on you for standing up for yourself, that guy deserves a big smack on the head. Makes me wonder, why the hell is he so bitter when you’re being so helpful?

    • Tina says :

      That was my thought exactly – why is he being so rude when I’m there helping out and doing something nice on my free time, without asking for anything in return? The saying “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” comes to mind.

      No, I didn’t try the chocolate crunch…

  3. teddi says :

    jerkface needs to grow the ef up & quit thinking that adult women like to me insulted. apparently he’s too immature to flirt for real. reminds me of a child on the playground , who teases the girl he likes by pulling her pigtails. what a chauvinist!

  4. Caroline says :

    Today has been one of those “terrible, no good, very bad” days, and I have no idea how I found your blog, but I did (happily!) and this post made me laugh!
    I’m sure that you know exactly how to handle this total idiot (who, btw, is either totally in love with you or wants to BE you!!).. and I think it’s awesome that you kept your cool and managed to pull out some muffins, too. Thanks for making me smile 🙂

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