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Garden, photos from

I’ve had a couple of regular cafés that I go to. Last summer I spent like every other day at Barista, but I think I’ve found a new place now that’s bound to be my summer 2011 place; Garden. Just this weekend I’ve been there three times! It’s so calm and cosy and they’ve got a huge outdoor terrace too, it really does feel like sitting in a beautiful garden.

Yesterday Sigrid and I had lunch there and we ended up sitting and talking for hours. Then we spontaneously hit the cinema and saw The Hangover part II. I laughed a lot, which means it gets the thumbs up from me!

Today is a public holiday and I had plans but unfortunately they fell through, so after some blog reading at home I decided to go to the book shop and get a new book and then head over to Garden for lunch and coffee. I must have spent at least 45 minutes in the book shop, I love browsing and reading the synopsis on the back of the books. I wrote down some titles I might order online and then finally decided on a crime novel, Blue Heaven by C.J Box. I’m more for nail-biting crime novels than chick-flicks, but one girly book that caught my eye today was Meet Me at the Cupcake Café by Jenny Colgan. I might have to read it, what with everyone telling me to open a café/bakery and all…

Tomorrow is back to work, but summer is officially here and I’ve got a week full of plans so I’m trying to not let the blues get to me.


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