Breakfast with my sister

Walking through a sunny Stockholm

Volunteer baking today

New summer clothes

My sis and I had breakfast at Petite France this morning, it’s nice to add some glam to the weekends (especially after insane weekdays). It has been the most amazing weather here in Stockholm (and the rest of Sweden) for weeks now, it’s fantastic! (Minus the constant flow of sweat) After breakfast I took a nice stroll through town and enjoyed the beautiful, yet sticky, weather (and view) before heading to the hospital to do my volunteer baking.

Thankfully jerkface wasn’t working on “my” floor at the hospital today, although I did bump into him as I was leaving, I pretended not to see him but when he passed me he said “Hey famous”. Pfft, what’s up with that? Anyway, I made my mom’s brownie recipe (that’s sesame seeds on part of the brownie), apple muffins with cardamon and a jam and cream sponge roll.

After baking I ran home to mom’s to pick up some of my summer clothes (and my bikinis!) and then I stopped by the mall and ended up buying some more summer clothes. Not that I know what I need summer clothes for, in this weather we should all just go naked instead – did I hear a “WIN!”?

It’s been a busy and sweaty (ok, how many times am I going to mention sweat in this post?) day! Tomorrow my two girlfriends, S and B are coming over and we’re going for lunch, can’t wait to see them! We’ve already planned to hang out the rest of the afternoon and I hope we’ll be doing that somewhere near water. All I could think about today was ripping off my clothes and hopping into the nearest lake.

Anyway, better swish, jellyfish!


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2 responses to “Saturday”

  1. teddi says :

    croissants! are the sesame brownies as good as they look? i drool @ apple muffins. pass the jelly roll 2 me please. good goin ignoring wtf’s face. enjoy your new clothes. but most of all, glad u had fun w friends & family! 🙂

  2. winterlust says :

    That breakfast looks INSANE!! Wow way to make me hungry! haha.

    I wanna see the clothes you bought! The fabric on the yellow thing looks amaaaazing, is it a sheer fabric?

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