The never-ending cake tables

Strawberries and cream are a classic Swedish summer cake, there were a lot of them at the school graduation today

So many creative cakes, I was in baking-inspiration heaven!!

I never got a chance to count how many cakes there were in total, but my guess is at least 80 (last year they counted 75)

The table seemed endless, the cakes went on and on and… see hot it stretches all the way to the back of the photo?

This was at the second celebration today, at the preschool, a slightly smaller table of cakes (nevertheless an impressive spread, this was only half the table!)

And here’s a photo of me from today. F grabbed my camera for a second and turned it on me!

Early this morning was the elementary school graduation. Just like yesterday, and according to tradition, each family brought a cake to the celebration to form a massive cake buffet for everyone to dig into. And I thought yesterday was crazy – I hadn’t seen anything yet!

This afternoon was the preschool graduation. Unfortunately it was freezing cold this morning so I was nearly blue after photographing the graduation. Then, in the afternoon at the preschool graduation, the rain poured down in buckets right as everyone started cutting into the cakes. What do you get when you mix a bunch of little kids, parents, a table full of cakes and pouring rain? Chaos. We all hurried to bring everything inside, muddy shoes and wet clothes included.

My brain is so fried from keeping track of adults and children running around in all directions, mingling with my co-workers, crying children, screaming children, children sticking their fingers in cakes and picking pieces of candy off cakes, children digging their spoons into cakes and eating straight from the tray while simultaneously trying to work, photograph and cover myself from the pouring rain and freezing cold weather.

I’ve got a “To do”-list the length of that cake table to tackle at work tomorrow, an interview and admissions test in the afternoon (for one of the educations I’ve applied for), and after that I need to run home to get dressed and ready before heading way out to the countryside of Stockholm to go to the “end of year/summer party” with work. I’ve got a dress for tomorrow evening but no shoes, I’ve got exactly 15 minutes before the mall closes, my alternative is trying to cram shoe shopping in at some point before the dinner tomorrow (bahaha, yeah right!) I guess I’ll be going barefoot.



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One response to “The never-ending cake tables”

  1. winterlust says :

    so many cakes with strawberries!! ahhhh I want strawberries 😦

    Love that photo of you- what filter did you use?

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